Wednesday, 19 March 2014


This product I picked up about 6 months ago and was sure I was going to love it, I heard so much about it from beauty bloggers, makeup artists, everyone and their dad and their cat has tried this and apparently loved it. Like most people, I suffer from dry chapped lips sometimes and need a quick fix to make sure I can wear all my brightest lipsticks at any time without thinking about the fact that they will cling onto the dry patches. 

When I first used it on my lips about 6 months ago, I went all out, building a big layer of the product on my lips and going to bed, the next day I woke up in horror with very sensitive lips, very irritated, very hard and literally peeling like crazy. I got so worried, thought it could be the 8 Hour Creme, but for some reason really doubted it, blamed it on something I ate or other creams I used that night. (I guess I did that because the product cost 25 pounds and you are not ready to give up on that easily!)  

I was not ready to believe that I had such a strong allergic reaction to a 'holy grail' product that works for everyone, since I have NEVER been allergic to any skincare/makeup before. Simply not possible. I put the 8 Hour Creme away and waited about a week or so to get my lips back. 

I finally found the product 2 weeks ago in my stash and thought 'OK I will try out a little of it again to see if this happens again and then I will know for sure'... I did. This time I was much less generous on the amount I would apply, more cautiously... and surely enough, the whole lip disaster repeated itself!

I have now regained my lips back after using insane amount of Reve de Miel Lip Balm by Nuxe, and can truly say I am 100% allergic to this product. I searched around the web to see if any poor soul had the same reaction to this product as I did and I found a handful of exactly the same reactions as me.

Bottom line, I really wanted to love the product, I have given it a good go twice, and I am sure it works wonders on a lot of people and I'm a little jealous about that, and they should continue using it and loving it. However, if you have never tried it out and want to have a go, PLEASE get a sample, or try from a friend, or buy the smallest tube available to make sure you don't go through the pain I went through. The reaction I had really hurt my lips and took a long while to go away.

Have you tired the 8 Hour Creme? Did it work well for you?
What are your favourite lips products?

Love, London Girl  xxx


  1. This is truly a wonder product, I take it skiing with me when my lips are rally awful!
    Josie xoxo | Fashion Mumblr

    1. I am so happy it works for you, I think I will give mine to a friend as I know a lot of people love it :)

  2. Ohh, what a shame that you're allergic to it. :-(

    1. I know I am so gutted, never had that reaction to anything, but I'm gonna make a friend very happy by gifting it :)