Wednesday, 23 April 2014


I have long been a girl who mostly buys clearing or deep cleansing masks, thinking they will actually 'do' something to my skin like clear it up, brighten it etc.. avoiding hydrating masks was my habit. I was a thinking that my moisturiser is enough hydration, why have hydrating masks on top of that?

Well, I finally decided to cave into the hydrating masks when I noticed that after flights my skin was dull and felt way too tight for comfort. I vowed to get a couple of good masks, for the airplane and use them so I can fly in with a Miranda Kerr glow to the skin a girl can dream! Now that I have found them, they became part of my everyday routine, and definitely not just in airplanes!

My first purchase was Sisley's Gel Express aux Fleurs -Express Flower Gel, Hydrating toning and firming mask, it surprised me with its consistency, my initial thoughts were-> if you get a hydrating mask, it will be even heavier than your moisturiser, so something lard like as the Nivea original cream (which is great for elbows and knees but not so much the face). How wrong was I! This mask is much lighter than any moisturiser I own, not sticky or greasy at all, it is of a light gel consistency which sinks into the skin and doesn't need to be cleaned off with water after, you can simply wipe the residue with a tissue and start your makeup. It smells a little of flowers as it's name suggests but not too much, and leaves your skin so soft and hydrated and pump, you really do feel the difference with the before and after! Since it's not oily or greasy, it is great for oily or combination skin like mine.

After this initial success in the hydrating masks department, I decided to venture onto new discoveries to extend my hydrating drawer.

I stumbled upton Decleor's Hydra Floral, Anti-pollution, Flower essence Moisturising mask'. Same kind of idea- you put it on and wipe the residue when you are ready to proceed with makeup. This is more of a light cream consistency, and has a stronger floral smell. Also super moisturising but not sticky or greasy either, it leaves the skin completely happy and soft.

My final purchase, to finish off my collection was Rodial's Dragon blood hyaluronic mask, XXL hydrating mask and skin plumper. Ok, this is a little more extreme than the two above. It is moisturising with a punch! It contains Hyaluronic Acid, so if you know you react well to it and suffer from any dull or dry skin, get this! It completely transform the skin overnight, you can use it for 15 minutes as a mask or, as I do with most of these masks, use it overnight and cleanse your baby soft skin in the morning.

This really does what it says, leaving skin super plump, mega hydrated. It would be perfect for skin which was over exposed to the sun. It does not irritate my skin at all, and is simply a miracle worker. I comes in a gel consistency, smells quite strongly of citrus fruits but doesn't feel greasy or sticky on the skin at all. Amazing for long haul flights or overnight flights if you want to arrive looking and feeling fabulous :)!

What are your favourite hydrating products?
Have you tried any of these, and if yes, let me know.

UK readers can find SISLEY's mask here, DECLEOR here and RODIAL's mask here.
Sometime there are amazing deals on them here!!! 

                                                                        Love, London Girl  xxx

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  1. I haven't heard of these face masks. They sound incredible and something my dehydrated skin would love!