Saturday, 8 February 2014


Here is a round up of my all time favourite foundations:

About my skin type: I have combination skin with some dry patches around my nose. 

Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua: I waited a long time before I bought it as I was not sure if it was worth the money but once I did the plunge, I fell in love with it straight away!
It is a really flawless light foundation which is undetectable on your skin. It simply looks like your skin is glowing and healthy. The coverage I would say is light-medium, but you could potentially build it up, it does not become heavy of cake-y. Although, I would not recommend building it up a lot since it is specifically made to be a light-medium coverage and look like your own skin. If you want a heavier coverage then don't buy this foundation.

Something to note is that since it is a water-based foundation, you have to shake the bottle for 7-10 seconds before using it. It has an SPF 15, but I used it a lot and never had any flashbacks, some people even wear it on their weddings! The lasting power I would say is around 6 hours for me, maybe a bit more with primer underneath. It is my perfect everyday foundation.
My shade is B20.

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk: My wedding day foundation. I absolutely love this stuff, I have to admit that when I first bought it, I was not happy about how it sat on top of my skin because I applied it with fingers. No no no, this foundation is meant to be applied with a brush, little by little, really buffing it into your own skin and adding layers when needed but not bulking a large amount straight away thinking it will look great, it won't. So this needs patience to apply, but the result is worth it! You get a very natural finish too, glowing from within, it's medium coverage, and the staying power is at least 10 hours if you properly buff it in.

I applied it at 4pm on my wedding day and did no touch anything up (I thought I would, but simply had not time for it) and removed it at the end of the night at 5am! Here are pictures of the just applied foundation and the 4am disco skin- still looking good!
I love the fact that in the picture on the right, I had just applied the foundation but my skin was not a blank canvas, you could see through the foundation, it just looks like I had very good skin, it doesn't look like I have 2 layers of foundation. 

Another great advantage of this foundation is that it has no SPF, so it always photographs beautifully and it is great on big occasions when you want your photos to look flawless. I heard that a lot of wedding makeup artists use it! Now that the wedding is over I still use the foundation when I want something long lasting with good coverage but still looking natural. I would say this foundation gives a little more coverage than the Vitalumiere Aqua.
My shade is normally : 4 
But I also got a summer shade for when I am more tanned: 5.25

Nars Sheer Glow: Another beautiful foundation! It has a medium coverage but you could build it up to full coverage. It also leaves a healthy glow, but you can't really see your skin though it (not like both of the foundations above), I use it in colder months when I feel I need more coverage. It also photographs very well (no SPF) and the staying power is around 8 hours for me. The only issue I have with it is that I sometimes (once a month) get dry skin patches around my nose and I feel it emphasises them. That said, if you don't suffer from any dry patches, it is a wonderful foundation to have in your collection. Just make sure you buy a pump for it, it is so messy without it and you could end up wasting a lot of product. Nars sells the pumps separately, or you can do as I did and steal a pump from an empty bottle ;). 
My shade is: Ceylan
Love, London Girl  xxx


  1. I have always wanted to try the Vitalumiere foundation, I see so many good reviews about it!
    Your makeup looked flawless on your wedding day,

    Rachel x


    1. Thank you Rachel! I hope my review on Vitalumiere Aqua was helpful, I can answer any questions you still have about the foundation, so let me know :) xxx

  2. love the chanel aqua foundation